The strap-line: Love theatre, hate pigeon-holes 

The vision: Seeing the world around me reflected on stage, in the stalls and on the screen.

The bio: During my stint in a publishing powerhouse, I was selected to participate in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Arts Journalist Bursary Scheme. A now defunct scheme, it was set up to increase the diversity of the theatre-going audience, as well as those writing about theatre. I had the privilege of being mentored by a national theatre critic for a year, exposed to all that theatre offered and all it lacked; I’d been bitten by the theatre bug and realised the value of fresh perspectives sitting alongside seasoned voices.

The words: I’m currently a reviewer for What’s on Stage and contributor to the Creative Case for Diversity website, a site dedicated to the Arts Council’s initiative to re-position diversity within the arts. I’ve also acquired bylines in the Observer, Guardian Theatre Blog, Time Out, Disability Arts Online, TheatreVoice and Eastern Eye.

In this part of cyperspace, you’ll find my most recent reviews, and the odd opinion (odd in number, not in nature).

Read on.

Amardeep Sohi



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